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SC 703

Yeah, the Isle of Palms is actually a big lie. What of it? Plant-a-Palm seems to have worked very well as I head SB (east) to the end of SC 703.

Don't walk, don't talk. No, really, what? This is at the only light on the island, the end of SC 517.

Through the magic of HTML, I move the cemetery sign ahead of the first bridge photo, which I snapped from long distance as the Ben Sawyer Bridge was preparing to swing. Notice that the swing bridge operator sits atop the structure instead of along it or at one end.

SB toward Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms on the bridge, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB and SB.

NB at the beginning of Business I-526, which seems like it's getting short shrift with regular shields, but wait, they have the state name! (And there's a Business shield tucked away in the background.)

Proper shields only in the SB direction. The Business route was created to connect I-526 to something more substantial than Bowman Rd. Hey, a few cross streets didn't stop I-180 in Cheyenne.

Because I like you, have a new SC shield next to an old sign as I head SB past Whilden and Simmons Streets in Mount Pleasant. Yes, you.

NB approaching US 17, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. The sign frame, now gone, once held a weight warning for trucks using the old Pearson and Grace Bridges, but now that the new cable-stayed Ravenel Bridge is open, the warning has been obviated. Of course, SCDOT saw fit to leave the entire structure of the original sign when it removed the sign, at least for a time. And of course, in the background there's a NORTH [ARROW] US 17 in the back, which once had a DETOUR above it but now is permanent. Move the arrow below the shield, push those shield cheeks down a bit, and hey, swap those numerals for FHWA standard, and then we're on to something. Otherwise, it looks like you're on US 17, and the cardinal direction of North just detoured. Watch your compass, because maybe I'm wrong and that conjecture is right.

NB at the old Grace and Pearson Bridges, courtesy Lou Corsaro, pausing at button copy that was removed with the rest of old 17.

More recent photos from Lou - the first is the same as the first of the above run, but now there's pavement instead of dirt for the new ramp, and the second is a different angle on the third of the above run.

The first photo is actually taken from over a mile away, well south of Rifle Range Rd., but the second and third photos are on the approach where SC 703 NB connects into US 17 SB, taken in 2012 after the old bridges were demolished.

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