South Carolina Roads - SC 31

SC 31, Carolina Bays Pkwy.

SC 31 will become part of I-74, which is why there are stubs at the southern end (which you'll see below) and clear grading at the northern end (SC 9). Stubs and all, it makes a great bypass for US 17, which itself is bypassing its old alignment (now Business 17). Yes, that's how much Myrtle Beach has grown.

From SC 544 NB onto the current beginning of SC 31, with a look at the future 31 NB cloverleaf loop to 544 NB. I-74 will continue south to end at US 17 south of the developed Myrtle Beach area.

Looking south/west (or I-74 EB, which deserves a rant for the inanity of taking an east-west route and running it north-south from Cincinnati to here without even changing directions), with barricades on the future left turn ramp from SC 544 NB to SC 31 SB.

The SC 544 ramp, currently the SC 31 NB mainline, merges into the future mainline.

SB at the southern stub end, all set to continue as an Interstate highway, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 501 has an inside double trumpet interchange, similar to the old I-94/US 24 interchange in Detroit. Everything along US 501 is a right entrance or exit, but SC 31 has ramps on the left in both directions. It really doesn't make sense for the through route of an Interstate, but the Detroit example (since replaced by a SPUI) did the same thing. The too-small US 501 shield on the right is actually the correct spec, if a size too small, while the one on the left is a fat SCDOT-standard aberration with no curves.

Now heading south on SC 31, which seems to have added any manner of pull-through sign as an afterthought, courtesy Lou Corsaro. An I-74 shield wouldn't fit on that little sign, so it all came down for something more like the NB side. Georgetown is, at least for now, only reachable via US 17.

NB at Robert Grissom Parkway, a connector from the International Airport (yes, THAT'S how much Myrtle Beach has grown) northward, which parallels US 17 and then turns northwest to end at SC 31, becoming International Dr. I'm guessing the extra sign frame is to hold an exit number for I-74.

A similar message on Grissom Parkway NB, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Misuse of tab, 10 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down.

SC 22 EB, the future I-73 (likely) crossing the future I-74. With both routes being legislated by Congress and poorly planned, I-74 EB will actually be heading closer to west on SC 31 at this point, such that "south" to "east" is actually a right turn. SCDOT needs to use more route shields and less route text.

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