South Carolina Roads - SC 30

Entering SC 30 EB from its beginning at SC 171. It's not much as stubs go, but it's something.

A westward look, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Plenty of old EB signs on the short freeway, including a set of oversized shields too wide for their own good. But please, SCDOT, don't replace these gems. Or if you do, hang them in a museum. My wall counts.

WB has its own old signs, too.

Ahead is Calhoun St., and the exit leads to Lockwood Drive. That's not an exit number, that's a guide shield, as SC 30 leaves the would-be end of I-526 (if the stub is ever built out) and will now follow Lockwood back to US 17.

Heading SB along the Ashley River on Lockwood Drive, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro and last two photos on the left and right of the same gantry. SC 30 WB just left Lockwood Dr. to head across the Robert B. Scarborough Bridge.

After SC 30 EB loops onto Lockwood Dr., there's an exit for SC 30 WB, but missing the "S.C." on the 30 shields, with improper spacing on the BGSes, the wrong advance arrow, and use of "ONLY" without "EXIT". I get the feeling SC 30 on Lockwood Drive is either a recent development or intended to be hidden, despite the obvious utility of connecting back to US 17. The first two photos are again on the same gantry, and the last one is cropped to retain the little "5631" tag on the bottom. It can't be mileage (56.31?), so what is it? Was Lockwood Dr. formerly this secondary route? Does SC number its sign posts?

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