South Carolina Roads - Poinsett Br.

Poinsett Bridge

Apologies for any blurry photos, but it was getting late in the evening as I arrived at this 1820 stone relic off Callahan Mountain Rd. (SR S-23-42). It crosses Calahan Branch, which is spelled differently than Callahan Mountain and every other Callahan you know.

Following the old footpath and later road north across the span. There was a sunset wedding photo shoot going on in the bridge's shadow to the left, and I therefore approve of their marriage.

To stay out of the wedding party's collective hair, my Calahan Branch photos stay east of the bridge.

Back south across the bridge.

With many pardons to the bride, groom, and photographer, I quickly ducked through the brook west of the bridge to grab these clearer photos in profile before vanishing into the sunset.

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