GA/SC Roads - Old US 1/25/78/278

Former US 1/25/78/278

The Jefferson Davis Memorial Bridge, adorned with his bust, heading northeast across the Savannah River from Georgia. There's a railroad with a cantilevered draw span just to the north. The old bridge gets an old railing and a bonus old car .

But wait, there's more! The old bridge feeds into a newish interchange with US 1/25/78/278/SC 121 at River North Dr., while an abandoned road continues straight ahead, led by the crack of the old concrete road's median. The old bridge, which once carried US 1 and its friends over Sand Pit Rd., remains intact, as it had been used until about 10-15 years ago as the US 1 SB mainline. But with US 1 moved onto the US 78/278 Augusta bypass in Georgia, there was no longer a reason to keep the long bridge maintained, so SCDOT constructed a new SB ramp squeezed between the old bridge and the modern highway. Soon after, they decided to add ramps to and from Georgia, leading to the final configuration now present.

One look back south at the closed old bridge feeding into the open old bridge.

The old bridge, seen looking northwest from the base of the modern SB ramps.

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