South Carolina Roads - Old US 17, Jasper Co.

Former US 17, Jasper County

I-95 overlays most of the old NB lanes of US 17, but they come into brief use in Coosawhatchie (also a great word when you can't hear what someone said).

SC 462 EB turning off of old US 17 SB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Continuing north from Coosawhatchie, I-95 again overlays former US 17 NB, but when it reappears, this time it's no longer in use. The last photo looks back south.

Looking south and north on the short accessible stretch of old 17 NB.

Continuing north, with Mt. Olive Baptist Church on the left looking just as dilapidated as old US 17.

All the way back south through the stretch I just saw, then, in the last two photos, coming to the divided highway in Coosawhatchie, all courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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