South Carolina Roads - Misc.

Misc. Signs

Stallsville Loop and Crestwood Drive (terrible font and an older sign), both WB in Summerville.

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

SC 8 WB nearing SC 20.

Old Charleston street signs, Rutledge Ave. (one-way SB) at Bennett St, then a SC 34 shield that's perfectly proportioned - look at the SC 200 shield and figure out what's wrong with it.

SC 302 EB leaves SC 113 NB in Wagener. This is a typical SC overhead assembly where the state initials are dropped from the shields and lane-diagram arrows are combined with them.

SC 162 WB southwest of Charleston in Hollywood.

Overly black northbound US shield and an error where the BUSINESS plate belongs below the 601, as in regular US 601, Business SC 151.

I-385 SB.

Black on white died out in the 1960's. This is on US 178 south of Rocky Bottom.

In Charleston.

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