South Carolina Roads - I-95

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro unless I say otherwise.

Here's an older shield.

State-name multiplex signage and a mis-sized exit shield.

Courtesy Adam Prince (and taken by J. P. Nasiatka), this is NB at Exit 8. US 278 goes out to Hilton Head, where a new toll road speeds people across a small inlet to the south part of the island, or traffic can follow its original pattern, past the palm trees and exclusive associations and ritzy hotels, around the backbone.

SB, You Can't Make This Stuff Up.

Crossing Lake Marion southbound. On the right is the old US 15/301 bridge, which looks like it's still complete and could be used as a fishing pier. It's like the Jamestown Bridge in Rhode Island.

I-95 NB, another wide shield in the continuation of the detour from I-26 westbound.

One photo from J.P. Nasiatka, an all-text sign NB that would be better off with some US shields.

"SC 9 - 57"... "SC 9/57"... or how about two shields? This, southbound, is just hard to read.

Town name, perhaps? SB again.

The famous South Of The Border (yeah, that's what it is, right) on I-95 at the North Carolina line, taken by me. It is one of the only tourist traps in the nation to be well-renowned for being nothing more than a tourist trap.

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