South Carolina Roads - I-85

NB button copy.

SB button copy.

NB not-button copy, just after I entered from SC 129 EB (photo atop the page). The word "LOOP" inside the shield was clearly an afterthought, and that may be why the word is also outside the shield.

SC really wants you to know that I-585 is a thing and it's to the right, because at first glance, a surface boulevard with traffic lights doesn't feel like an Interstate. I-585 was extended north when I-85 bypassed its old alignment (now the Business Loop of Exit 69 fame), perhaps on a promise that something would be done to make it slightly more of a freeway. That's exactly what happened. One intersection was converted - Valley Falls Rd., entirely too close to the Campus Blvd. interchange - but the rest never materialized and there's still one more signal as well as the un-freewaylike diamond ramp I'm on here.

In closing, the Gaffney Peach.

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