South Carolina Roads - I-585/US 176

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro and northbound on I-585/westbound on US 176.

As I said on my US 176-alone page (I-585 and US 176 are multiplexed for 585's entire length), linked at bottom, this is not actually I-585 yet. I-585 is signed without "TO" banners for quite a distance before it becomes a freeway and thus the Interstate itself. At least some of that length is technically I-585 Business.

I-585 is one of the last places left in South Carolina with original button copy - the signs I have on my I-85 page have been replaced. Mileage is based on US 176 - I-585 is never intended to be extended northwest into North Carolina.

Okay, now things get a little fuzzy. I-585 just had an interchange with I-85 Business, which until 1994 was the I-85 mainline. That means that I-585 never had a reason to be extended north to this point (or beyond) along US 176. When I-85 was moved around Spartanburg to the west, I-585 still ended at I-85 Business, because there was no freeway between there and the new I-85. This wasn't a terrible problem, because obviously the Business route was good enough to be an Interstate, but for some reason South Carolina didn't want to make it I-285. I-585 remains orphaned for the time being, but once funding is in place, it will meet its parent once more. See, the I-85 shield is centered, and the word "NORTH" looks very much like an add-on. Also, there's a greenout. Michael Miller tells me this is a contractor error - Greenville was covered because the exit only goes one way. Based on the future planned interchange, my guess is that's Spartanburg, because the current diamond interchange with I-85 and US 176 will be modified to have direct ramps to and from US 176. That would allow I-585 to be extended to I-85, and construction is ongoing to slowly bring everything up to Interstate standards between I-85 and Business 85. When all is said and done years from now, I-585 traffic will no longer have to turn left to get to I-85 South, the "Exit Only" offramp will have a split to the two directions of I-85, and all will look normal and be well.

And see, just after the Valley Falls Road exit (Exit 22, which is why the BGS in the previous photo had some extensions on the supporting steel), US 176 is already signed as I-585, no FUTURE about it. Gotta love how many state-name shields there are in South Carolina.

That left BGS is a little older, but it won't be replaced until the new ramp opens. Given that the previous signage for this exit (Exit 21, I presume?) is going to have both directions of I-85 in the right lane, I don't know why only I-85 North gets the Exit Only treatment here, with no room to alter the sign. Unless, as Michael said, the first sign was in error. Time will tell on this one.

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