South Carolina Roads - I-520

All photos are eastbound except the last.

Across the Savannah River from Georgia, with enough room to eventually widen the highway to 3 lanes each way. I can't see that ever becoming a need.

After the river, before the bridges over nothing (maybe a small creek?) and a railroad, this is an older shield style from when the road first opened north to US 1 at Exit 17 in the early 2000s. The shield atop the page is the modern style, and closer to the correct specs - the number here is too small and the state name too large, although I like the overall look much better.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, I-520 was open to US 1 in 2009, after having ended in Georgia in 2004 and before being completed to I-20 by 2012.

Thanks to a tanker truck spill, I was forced off at Exit 22, which itself is still a stub to the east.

Came back on a post-spill trip for this.

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