South Carolina Roads - I-385

Let's start at the south end. Until the 1990s, I-385 maintained two lanes into I-26 with a center lane merge. This was determined to be less than ideal, and I guess traffic volumes allow this solution, but you can still see how this roadway carried two lanes once.

Something happened to the SB overpass at Exit 5, demonstrating metal rail is crashworthier than concrete rail.

Would it have killed SCDOT to widen the SB Exit 26 sign enough to add "Rd" and keep it all on one line? Or to slide the exit tabs over where they belong? That one does sound deadly, doesn't it.

On Fairview Rd. NB at that interchange, would it have killed SCDOT to provide the correct colored arrow? I'm impressed someone went through the trouble to manufacture a blue arrow, which has no other use.

Old and one-piece, SB at Exit 31.

There is one mainline button copy sign left SB, and you can click for a nighttime version courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The other button copy I found, NB and on the SB Exit 36 ramp, both taken from the SB mainline.

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