South Carolina Roads - I-26

All photos on this page are westbound unless I say otherwise. The last two shields above are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Meeting St. WB in Charleston, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Charleston-area old signs, but only one is button copy.

A couple of older eastbound signs.

Older versions of the Exit 218 sign, courtesy Lou Corsaro. When the naval base closed, SC just pried off the letters and waited for something to replace it instead of greening over the old wording. I'm not even sure how non-button copy, non-demountable letters can be removed.

Old on top of new, courtesy Lou Corsaro, and then just plain old, both in the Charleston area.

We need less green space, narrower shields (though SCDOT seems to like these wide ones), a US 52 shield instead of text, and destinations. The Exit 205A sign is far from current standards, which you can see because the Exit 205B sign is SC standard.

All remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro, except the last one.

Despite their mistakes, the DOT still loves you! And wastes your money on floral displays.

Extra-wide US 15 detour shields, first at Exit 172 (US 15) and then at Exit 169 (I-95).

Permanent state-named shields at Exit 169. This is a location for a much bigger sign (Interstate highway posted at 70 MPH).

Another old clearance sign well out of the Charleston area, out at Exit 129, followed by another green sign with space issues. Standard sign sizes are 36" x 36" or 48" x 48" for a two-digit shield, and 36" x 45" or 48" x 60" for a three-digit shield. Somehow I think one of these shields doesn't fit those molds.

These are eastbound. I don't care when these signs were installed, if you can have an I-26 shield in the middle, you can have an I-126 shield on the left. Also, do people really call it "Route I-126"? How many prefixes does a highway need?

Also eastbound, and my photo, not Lou's. That poor US 21 needs a self-esteem booster.

Not a whole lot of interest beyond I-385. A shield, a really badly aligned sign, older overheads. That's supposed to be "Spartanburg - South" as a single unit, but you didn't read it that way either.

Into North Carolina on I-26
Exit 205 to US 78
Exit 205B to US 52
Onto I-95
Exit 119 or 115 to US 21
Exit 119 or 115 to US 176
Exit 116 to I-77
Exit 28 to US 221
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