South Carolina Roads - I-20


Heading west into Georgia (with a look north) across the Savannah River.

All remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 401 NB nearing the I-20 junction.

Westbound near the state line (Augusta, GA area), with the I-520 connection still under construction in July 2009 (since completed, now open). I-520 is most of a beltway around Augusta, connecting to I-20 at both ends, so it should be some even number like I-620, but just like I-540 in North Carolina, the odd number remains anyway for mysterious reasons perhaps rooted in politics. The first photo is the WB-SB ramp taking off, the second is the NB-EB ramp touching down (I'm calling I-520 NB/SB just to clarify ramp directions), and after the pair of flyover ramps, the last photo looks at the Exit 5 construction at US 25/SC 121. That concurrent but unrelated task is widening the overpass. At the same time, the exit ramp is being reconstructed so that I-520 traffic to I-20 WB will braid underneath I-20 exiting traffic to Exit 5 without having a chance to connect. That's okay; the previous exit serves the "neglected" traffic just fine.

Into Georgia on I-20
Onto I-520
Exit 5 to US 25
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