South Carolina Roads - Alt. US 17

Alternate US 17

All photos are northbound unless I say otherwise or if it's obvious from the "SOUTH" banner. Alt. US 17 is the inland route of US 17, avoiding Charleston by many miles.

Nice old "Alternate" banner, applied confusingly. This is regular US 21.

Up to Walterboro, with remaining old state route shields. You'll see a new one soon.

Leaving SC 63 WB.

Signs of varying oldness, starting with one of those new state route shields I mentioned.

Not so old, but state-name shields normally don't occupy LGS's.

Alt. US 17 is undergoing widening from Summerville up to Moncks Corner, seemingly to serve as an alternate Charleston commuter route to US 52.

Come on, can't at least the historical sign have an apostrophe? We all know it was there before the 1900s.

NB with SC 45, SB leaving SC 41 in Jamestown, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The entirety of the SC 41 NB concurrency, crossing the Santee River next to a railroad truss. The last two signs are on the same overhead wires.

Into Georgetown, where Alt. US 17 and non-Alt. US 521 (despite the shield) end a block apart from each other just so that Alt. US 17 can feed directly into US 17 to the northeast. US 701 also begins downtown, and once followed US 17 south to Charleston. Note that US 521 is SB here for a wrong-way concurrency.

Ending with two southbound photos, the second wrong for two reasons - 17A should be Alt. 17 (not every state does the "A" thing), and down arrows are only supposed to be over their respective lanes. I bet you US 521 does not have lanes that close together.

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