South Australia Roads - TD 57

Tourist Drive Route 57

Almost every Australian territory or state has Tourist Drives (except NT, TAS, and the obvious JBT). However, they never seem to have an official routing. As far as I know, the roads I drove on this page constitute TD 57, inasmuch as I attempted to route myself that way in 2013. If you have proof to the affirmative or contrary, do let me know.

Old and older, Church Hill Rd. EB at Flaxley Rd. The dark green or "black" signs are the first generation of modern guide sign, but you also can find the prior generation of street blade-style sign. Notice that Strathalbyn (relatively far via B33) is only signed on the newer sign, while the older ones list closer destinations.

Flaxley Rd. SB at the same intersection. Click for closeup, where if you look carefully at the gouges around the "a" in Echunga, you can see that the dark paint is truly layers of green and not black.

Entering Mount Barker on Flaxley Rd., these signs on both side of the road are decidedly nonstandard. I mean, okay, the white part is, but the yellow (or orange?) part definitely isn't.

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