South Australia Roads - M2

M2, Southern Expwy.

All photos are southbound, taken in the midst of 2013 construction to widen the motorway from one carriageway to two. From 2001-2014, it was the world's longest single-direction freeway, switching by time of day and closing for long enough to flush all traffic before reopening. I made specific notes to dawdle if I was too far ahead of schedule, since this only opened SB at 4 PM on a weekday.

I can think of so many better ways to configure the messages on this sign. The signal is typical along M2, and I included a photo from the Beach Rd. SB onramp in Noarlunga to explain how it works.

M2 construction north of Sheriffs Road

M2 construction, Sheriffs Road and south

A13 SB at M2, connecting from A2 (South Rd.) leaving Adelaide. The ultimate goal is to link the former M20 (now also part of M2 as of 2020) in Virginia to this motorway by a continuous expressway route through the developed west side of Adelaide, supplanting the A2 designation entirely.

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