South Australia Roads - Lucindale

Lucindale and Lucindale Road

Just before it ends at Gum Ave., Musgrave Ave. widens to 4 lanes. Curiously, it still allows passing over the centreline, so you end up with four ambiguously striped lanes and no clear sense of where to keep left. The centre should at least have a single solid line, even if that has no meaning in Australia law, just for clarity.

Same-ish place, Gum Ave. NB. The yellow is pollen accumulating on the very slight edge of the reflective legend. I'll bet you that is, in fact, gum tree pollen.

Four Mile Rd. SB and Callendale Rd. NB at the west end of Lucindale Rd., which becomes Konetta Rd. since Lucindale is no longer to the west. (That's right, Lucindale Rd. doesn't enter Lucindale. It's more of a Toward the General Direction of Lucindale Rd.) These extremely dark green signs are considered "black" by Australian road enthusiasts, and they pretty much have weathered to such. Click on each photo for a closeup.

Lucindale Rd. WB at that same intersection, then EB heading away from it.

First (and only) WB distance sign on Lucindale Rd. (click for closeup), then EB at A66 in Naracoorte. SR 130 disappeared with the switchover to alphanumerics, but for some reason C240 doesn't cover all of SR 130, only the part east from Hynam to the NSW border.

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