South Australia Roads - A87 Stuart Hwy.

A87, Stuart Highway

All photos are southbound.

No, Virginia, there is no M87. Nothing close to a motorway here.

Coober Pedy is about the only significant place on A87 between Port Augusta and the NT border. (Don't hate on me, I'm just noting how desolate the highway is overall.) Known for being the headquarters of opal mining as well as having numerous buildings dug into solid rock instead of excavated... actually, yeah, that's pretty much all I've got. But it's all there on the brown sign. Oh, yeah, and you'll die if you walk around because an opal mining shaft may be covered by a bit of brush. So don't do anything outside of town, only inside. The last photo is on Hutchison St. WB exiting the town. SA was in the process of changing the old NH shields over to alphanumerics... slowly.

Apparently the most popular tourism in Coober Pedy is Japanese and German. And English, I suppose. This may be as far as solo drivers attempt to get from the coast before realizing how isolated they already are and how many hundreds of km there are before the next major settlement (Alice Springs).

Pimba... the Lion Pretender King. The real King is to the right, and the court jester is straight ahead. While Simba roars, Pimba squeaks. Or maybe he's the illicit love-child of Simba and Puumba. Rewatch the movie and let me know.

Approaching B97.

Part of SA's safe driving push in 2013. I've got a couple more on the A1 page linked below. Put them all together, and you can either be innocent and wonder why doorknobs are bad, or you can learn some Aussie slang and wonder how the state gets away with putting this up.

Just like that, we're in Port Augusta. Since alphanumerics are new to Australia, my guess is that the top half sign manufacturer didn't talk to the bottom half.

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