South Australia Roads - A21

A21, Adelaide Inner Ring Route

A21 is the former designation of what is now known as R1, a rare circular numbered highway in Australia. There have been some routing changes from A21 to R1, so some of the photos below are not actually on a highway anymore.

Let's start on the west side. This is West Terrace (or "Tce." in Aussie) south at Anzac Hwy., then the beginning of A5 but now unnumbered until meeting the relocated R1 on Richmond Rd.

A21 is now following Greenhill Rd. EB along the southern Adelaide greenbelt. Clearway symbols were once red, denoting the left (parking) lane sometimes is needed for rush hour travel. I think that bike wants your lunch money.

Since A21 stays within Adelaide, there are no directions to give in the sign, but at least this should have a border. This is basically an arrow inside a route shield, as A21 turns north on Fullarton Rd.

At first glance, and again at second glance, this makes no sense. I'm on A21 SB to the northeast of downtown, just south of the A10 terminus. A21 is a one-way pair here, so what this is actually saying is that you can go straight on A21 clockwise or take the Melbourne St. turnoff to then turn right and head back anticlockwise around the north side of town. The problem is, without "Inner" and "Outer" or some other direction to apply to the "other" A21, it's abundantly opaque what happens if you go right toward A21 instead of straight.

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