South Australia Roads - A2

A2 (South Road, Adelaide)

All photos are southbound.

A bunch of older stuff, starting from Edward St. down to the end of A2 at Ayliffes Rd. Nowadays, there is a seamless transition from A2 to M2, which picks up in the median north of the Ayliffes/A13 intersection, flies over it, and then runs down A13 to join the segment that was open as of 2013 when I visited. But since this was then, M2 was not yet complete, so I had to use A13 to bridge the gap. (In fact, M2 was still a one-direction reversible motorway when I visited, requiring careful coordination of timing. You'll want to check out the big link below.)

A rare reassurance shield as A13 picks up where A2 left off. These are even rarer for the relatively new and shieldless alphanumeric routes than for numbered routes.

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