South Australia Roads - A1/M1/B1

A1, M1, B1

Just east of A87, A1 rounds a corner and demands your immediate attention.

The old Spencer Gulf bridge in Port Augusta is just north of the current one.

More signals, more preparation.

South Australia settled on a cheeky promotion of good driving habits. If your kids ask: Don't be a chicken, and drink & drive? Wait.

In 2013, it could be very confusing to figure out where you're going in Adelaide. Following Highway 1? Good luck. Fortunately, the National 1 shield has been patched with A9. Salisbury Highway never comes back toward A1, either, so it's definitely an error and not a historical relic.

At the base of the M1 EB exit to B37 in Littlehampton.

I wonder what's in Monarto. This is the other M1 sign on this page, also EB.

A8 WB at the intersection where A1 (straight) turns into B1 (left), and then a distance sign on B1 south of Meningie. When A1 was National Highway 1 (the green/yellow shield you saw in the error photo at A9), B1 was National Route 1 (the white shield here), meaning it's less important but still part of a national numbering system. The first sign is a very dark shade of green that many Aussie road enthusiasts will refer to as "black", but trust me, after observing several up close, it's a very dark green.

Into Victoria on A1
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