Rhode Island Roads - RI 114 - Mount Hope Bridge

RI 114 - Mount Hope Bridge

Northbound onto and across the Mount Hope Bridge, showing its age but wearing it well. What are shoulders?

You can also go northbound via this video.

Now southbound, with some structural details from the top and side. This bridge was at one point considered to become part of I-895, but since none of the proposals floated for that highway ever dropped anchor (dig the metaphor?), we'll never know how it would have worked out. This very well could have been the narrowest bridge on the Interstate system (tying, probably, the Thousand Islands Bridge on I-81 in New York, though that one is two directions).

These were taken from Old Pier Rd. on the south side of the bridge.

And these were taken from Old Ferry Rd. on the north side of the bridge. Should be obvious how this all worked before 1929.

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Mount Hope Bridge
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