Rhode Island Roads - I-95, Providence and N./I-195/US 6/RI 10/Memorial Blvd.

, Providence and north
New I-195/I-95 interchange and I-95/US 6/RI 10/Memorial Blvd.

One NB and one SB sign for the beginning of I-195. At this time, construction was underway to move this freeway and associated interchange farther to the south, onto a truly Interstate-standard highway, and over a new bridge instead of the dilapidated Washington.

Merging into I-95 SB from I-195 WB. As you can see, this is a left merge, and it happens right in the center of Providence. This is why the interchange is being reconstructed to the south, with all right-hand ramps for added driver comfort. To the right in this photo is the future SB-EB ramp, just starting to take shape in September 2007.

Following the SB-EB ramp, which in the third photo has crossed I-95 and continues east. The girders have yet to be laid over I-95 or east to the future Providence River bridge as of September 2007. To the left in the first photo are the WB-SB and NB-EB ramps.

The WB-SB ramp from I-195 fares somewhat better, as it already has all of its girders in place. The ramp splits as you can see in the second photo, with one local access ramp and the left high-speed ramp onto I-95.

Following the ramp from I-195, which looks almost ready to open. That's not an illusion - the I-95 NB ramp to I-195 EB, across the new bridge, did open well before construction was completed in 2009 (and then the demolition of the old freeway and rebuilding the city are still pending years later). Visit the I-195 page (link at bottom) to see construction of the new alignment.

As the new I-195 EB (which I'm on) ramp leaves from I-95 SB, I look back and see the future Exit 20 onramp from Point St. awaiting its concrete deck.

Construction extends to the old exit, with a nice new 2di shield on I-95 NB in September 2005.

In with the new, out with the old. These photos show the demolition of the former SB-EB ramp. WB-NB from I-195 is still open, but not for long.

Photos taken from the top of the Providence Place Mall, which has a couple of dedicated ramps from the interchange onto Kinsley Ave.

Looking southward along I-95 at the US 6/RI 10/Memorial Blvd. interchange from the top of the Providence Place Mall.

A skewed view, toward the SW. The Mall has a couple of dedicated ramps from the interchange onto Kinsley Ave.

Looking westward along US 6/RI 10.

Looking northward along I-95.

Cute ickle shield on Branch Ave. EB at I-95 Exit 24.

Old bridge labels, SB south of Exit 29.

Back on I-95, these temporary signs were up along the Mixed-Up Mile for quite awhile (see commentary on that Mile on the main page, linked below).

Same thing in the SB direction, too.

Just upon entering the state from MA, there's a nice old assembly waiting to greet you.

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