Rhode Island Roads - I-95

I-95 began life as a couple of disconnected freeways, including an east-west one to the southwest of Providence as well as the entrenched US 1 bypass of Pawtucket. Later on, I-95 was built through Providence, starting out of US 1A (now Exit 18). More about that US 1 bypass: US 1 NB still uses the freeway for a few hundred feet between exits 28 and 29. The exits are too close together for an Interstate, and to make things worse, the entrance ramp is given a solid stripe for half that distance. Weaving on that tightly curved section is pretty horrendous. However, US 1 SB is completely at-grade above the freeway. In addition, RI 114 SB runs itself eastward, down the side of SB I-95, then across the freeway and out. RI 114 NB runs up the north side of the freeway, crosses, then turns south briefly before finding another road to turn north on. For a little moment there, RI 114 NB and SB are MULTIPLEXED, creating the unique Mixed-Up Mile.

I-95 south of Providence

I-95, Providence and north

On a former routing of RI 114 in Providence.

An original 18x18 shield. Good thing the other sign's there, else you might think you're actually on 95.

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