Rhode Island Roads - I-295/US 6

I-295/US 6 interchange

The US 6 freeway was supposed to have been part of I-84 between Hartford and Providence; there is more information about this on the CT I-84 page. There was also the possibility of an I-84 freeway through the middle of the RI 10 loop, tying in with I-195, but later plans had it multiplexed with or taking over the north part of 10 as US 6 does now, and ending at I-95. When I'm walking around the interchange, photos with verdant foliage are from 2010 (as a stop on the Providence Road Meet that August) and those with bare trees are from 2001-2002.

Everything that would have been paved in the complete interchange is currently semi-graded dirt. These are looking east and west along the would-be US 6/I-84 EB offramp to I-295 SB at the Old Pocasset Rd. access.

Continuing west from that point, I come to the gore between the EB-NB (right) and EB-SB ramps, then look out westward as far as I can from there.

Now heading east along the ramp to I-295 NB, with a last look back before I plunge ahead to the overpasses.

Proceeding through overpasses that haven't been maintained in 40 years. The structural condition is just fine, but the surface needs help. Obviously, this being an open trail with no eyes upon it, graffiti will happen.

Looking westward back under both sides of I-295. It's unlikely these will be demolished until their service life runs out, at which point they will likely be filled in and graded over, erasing the best part of the trail:

That would be the part east of I-295 (and sure, the overpasses themselves are neat). Here's a drainage structure (cairn?) on the south side of US 6 where the ramp would have flown over to get to I-295. You can make out the far abutment in the background.

Walking as far as I can on the trail and looking across US 6 where the EB-NB flyover would have come into the WB-NB ramp. You can see the NB-WB loop ramp to the left, paved although there's no place to go. So it's just used as a U-turn, though I don't know why any traffic actually needs one. (It does get use, though, so some people aren't paying attention at their exit.)

Grading from I-295 SB for the ramp that would have come from US 6 (I-84) EB.

Coming into the interchange from US 6 WB and continuing to I-295 SB (note that there is a BGS for this forced movement, visible on the US 6 page linked below).

Some more detail of what's going on in the median where US 6/I-84 would have continued. The median grass has been paved over as a parking lot, material storage, and apparently striping test facility.

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