Québec Roads - QC 338

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro and eastbound, except the one above is mine, on Chemin St-Antoine NB east of Les Cèdres.

Old signal at 34 Ave. in St-Zotique, old signal and old bridge in Soulanges. I particularly like the truss because it carries a railroad to Île aux Chats - Cat Island.

QC 201 drops off the bridge to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and the freeway continues from the bridge to Autoroute 20 (see next exit). That freeway is actually secret Autoroute 920, one of only two unsigned autoroutes but the only one with no hints as to its existence.

Old lock on the canal paralleling the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, which may or may not still function as a lock (there's a more modern one downriver that appears to be active). It's near Les Cèdres.

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