Québec Roads - QC 202

Not a lot going on here, just some signs at night; the 202 shield among the 223's looks a little older.

Now some eastbound signs at dusk. One would expect a construction sign to be reused, but not with such an ugly shield.

Québec has by far the best snowmobile route system I've seen, which makes sense because they're the farthest north I regularly travel. The provincial routes go up to 300, and the snowmobile routes at least include the 500's (so no overlap), plus they get the cool wintry shields and their own miniaturized regulatory and warning signs. This EB assembly is at the base of the header photo on this page, facing Chemin de Bord de l'Eau NB.

Ch. Molleur in Pike River, leading south from QC 202. From what I'm seeing, the intent is to confuse drivers into going slower than they need to.

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