Québec Roads - QC 139

QC 139

Northbound to Roxton Falls and the reassuringly safe and intact bridge over said falls on Rivière Noire.

St-Théodore-d'Acton is quite insistent you know you're there, even on their own dime. Even when the actual town is to the west and you're just skirting by.

So insistent, it's signed twice SB. This town really loves its boundaries.

From my personal collection, the original black on white shield in wood. This one was apparently never mounted, as there were no holes (note strategically placed support nail at the bottom), and is coated with a rudimentary reflective paint, so it must have been created fairly close to when Québec switched to the white on green shields a couple of years before the renumbering that led to the current 3-digit system. Route 13 was one of the long ones, starting north of Richford, VT as what is now QC 139 and crossing the St. Lawrence as what is now QC 155 (and Autoroute 55).

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