Québec Roads - QC 138 - W./E. of Pont Honoré-Mercier

west and east of Pont Honoré-Mercier

EB in Huntingdon from Rue Lake to Rue Lorne. You can tell the names in this area are English-based, but any modern sign will show Montréal with its characteristic diacritic mark. I believe the Rue Lorne bridge is having its lead paint removed as part of repainting, hence the full bridge closure and enclosure.

Continuing east from Ste-Martine and its church past Rue du Pont, which crosses the trestle half of a combination railroad and road bridge, to where Autoroute 30 is being constructed. The former railroad bridge was converted to a walking trail, but it may have been more useful to let EB traffic use it so that there wouldn't be the need to coordinate traffic across a long one-lane span.
Pont Honoré-Mercier, QC 138

Photos from Autoroute Mercier, QC 138 from Pont Honoré-Mercier to Autoroute 20, heading EB/north.

WB on the Autoroute, one of the only designated Autoroutes with no A- number. Since the status of 920's existence is uncertain (though unlikely), I propose 620, with an extension to meet A-30 outside Châteauguay. I'll accept an extension of A-730 in the opposite direction instead.

Old, embossed street signs in Westmount, an English-speaking neighborhood that has resisted annexation by Montréal. There's not a terrific amount of hope for it, since the city owns a good amount of the rest of the island, but it's not the last enclave left, either.

QC 134 begins here and heads east, not west - but the sign is correct (and these aren't white-background signs, there's just another sign on the back of them). After crossing the PONT (Jacques-Cartier), QC 134 turns south, ending into A-15 without ever actually heading west. The only reason its numbering and signing as an east-west route isn't a complete mystery is because Québec's cardinal directions are oriented to the St. Lawrence River. If you skew your compass nearly 90 degrees counterclockwise, suddenly QC 134 starts off heading south and then turns west, just like the sign says! You just have to think Québecois.

WB from the top of Montréal to old signs in its heart. In most places, Rue Sherbrooke would pass for a north-south road.

WB past a pair of railroad bridges as QC 138 and the railroad cross from Repentigny and Charlemagne (respectively) into Montréal.

Heading EB through eastern Québec City, starting at the A-973/QC 175 junction and immediately undercrossing an old unused overpass before coming to the A-40 interchange (just after the last photo) and QC 368, Pont de l'Île d'Orléans. The unused overpass is the extension of Rue de la Pointe-aux-Lièvres into the parking lot for the Parc de l'Exposition. In theory this would be a useful connection to maintain because there's a yearly festival held on the Expo grounds, but it's closed off because they've decided to start charging for parking, so it makes sense to limit the possible entrances.

East of Québec City, QC 360 follows the old alignment of QC 138 through a bunch of small towns, with only a brief run east of Beaupré that doesn't fit that description.

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