Québec Roads - QC 138 - W./E. of Pont Honoré-Mercier

East of Autoroute 973 in Québec City.

Pont Honoré-Mercier

West and east of Pont Honoré-Mercier
~ QC 132 and QC 138/132

Faded QC 138 shield on Blvd. LaSalle (aka Chemin du Musée) in Verdun, unrecognizable except in bright light, WB at Rue St-Patrick just west of QC 138. Pont Mercier, which is QC 138, is the only bridge connecting the western Île de Montréal (anything west of Pont Champlain) to the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River.

The Pont Honoré-Mercier and connecting QC 138 freeway on Steve Anderson's montrealroads.com
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