Québec Roads - Covered Bridges

Covered bridges

Pont des Rivières, Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge

Ch. St-Charles EB.

And WB. The bridge dates to 1884.
Pont du Ruisseau-Meech, Wakefield

NB on Chemin Cross-Loop west of Cascades. This bridge was built in 1924.

And SB. This bridge (Ruisseau-Meech = Meech Creek in English) was alternately known as the Wakefield Bridge, but the 1998 replacement for Pont Gendron across the Gatineau River appears to simply be named Wakefield instead of carrying on the name Gendron.

While we're on the topic of bridges, the way back from Meech Creek is Chemin Pine, which uses very culverty-looking underpasses to get back to QC 148 to the south and east. These are for the two future Autoroute 5 carriageways, still under construction as of August 2012 when I visited.
Pont Savoyard, QC 105
Pont Marchand, QC 148
Pont Perrault, QC 173
Pont Wakefield, QC 366

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