Québec Roads - A-73

Autoroute 73

All photos except two are southbound (I'll point them out), so photos progress from north to south.

A-73 magically begins at Sortie 167 (QC 371). For now (2011), the future NB overpass is unoccupied and the SB side takes a lane from the onramp, but soon this will change. There is construction north of here to fully dualize QC 175 north to Saguenay/Chicoutimi. There will be very few intersections along the way considering the rural nature of the Canadian Shield, so eventual conversion to A-73 is feasible, just unplanned and unscheduled.

The end of the C-D road at Autoroute 40, where A-73 SB joins A-40 WB. The QC 175 ramp rejoins the freeway mainline, secretly A-973.

The first two photos are NB with A-40 EB, and the last photo is SB/WB on the west side of Québec City. A-40 was supposed to continue west from Sortie 142, which is why the "EST" is missing from the NB signs, in which case the A-73 multiplex would have been half the current length. The Saguenay patch covers "Chicoutimi" after the cities up there (La Baie, Jonquière, and others) merged under one name.

Starting on the A-540 overpass and then dropping down across Pont Pierre-Laporte over the St. Lawrence River, with some eastward views of the parallel Pont de Québec on QC 175.

Some piers are older than others on this railroad bridge across the Chaudière River just south of the A-20 interchange.

Québec forgot to replace a couple of old signs with the directional arrow inside the exit tab, and I'm not complaining one bit.

South of Sortie 95, A-73 drops down to a single carriageway - for now. Work is busily underway to fill in the missing NB lanes down to the current end of the road at Route du Golf, a distance of about 25 km. Clearly, though, the northernmost couple of km are last on the list for dualization.

Construction, ending with a view back north.

Same deal, last photo faces north over my shoulder.

Just south of Rivière Calway is, of course, Route Calway.

For now, the end of the Autoroute, at Route du Golf (future Sortie 61, I believe). Plans are afoot for further extension down to Saint-Georges, keeping alive the eventual completion to the U.S. border even if Maine doesn't go along. This could also tie into the oft-floated plan to build an I-98 (or other-numbered toll road) across the center of Maine to provide a faster all-freeway route from Québec to New Brunswick. (Less likely would be an I-595 following US 201 from Waterville to A-73.)

Sortie 123 or continue north on QC 175
Sortie 141 to QC 138
Sortie 142 to Autoroute 40
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