Québec Roads - A-410

Autoroute 410

EB splitting Rock Forest and Sherbrooke, with the old style of BGS that includes arrows in the exit tabs. These are rare and usually badly faded in western Québec, but appear to be a little newer here. The newest wave finally gives three-digit width to three-digit routes - see the two-digit shield at the left of the last photo - but only on guide signs and perhaps a little too widely stretched.

Rue Galt WB just west of the eastern end of A-410, then turning left to 410's beginning on Boulevard de l'Université. The A-10 shield looks newer than the 410, and is wrong because two-digit shields should have a wider font that fills the shield. Also, there's no mention of A-55, which only happens to be multiplexed with 10 on the other end of 410.

Boulevard de l'Université WB starting when it's still QC 216 (216 turns left in the first photo), then just past A-410 to Rue Galt. Rue Galt and Boul. de l'Université also meet to the east, where QC 216 then joins Galt. Notice that the word North made it into Québec - there are a lot of English names (and thus early influence) in this area, just like northwest of Montréal.

A-410 WB from start to finish, with one more arrowed exit tab. The new Québec diagrammatic signs use green lane lines (the Canadian standard) and also the new wider shields that I dislike but probably make the sign clearer.

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