Québec Roads - A-30 - Melocheville-Châteauguay

Autoroute 30 construction, Melocheville to Châteauguay

The last street before the Beauharnois Canal crossing, Rang Ste-Marie, heading south toward A-30 construction. Thanks to the narrowness of the old bridge, not helped by the needed temporary support columns (1931 isn't that old, but in a province that never does maintenance, it may as well be 1731) and the barriers to channel vehicles through them, pedestrians are shunted onto a separate walkway. That's what you see in the first photo, crossing the railroad at-grade with no signals. Seems safe to me.

Looking west along A-30 coming down from the canal bridge as I turn around and head back north on Rang Ste-Marie.

A NB progression of eastward views.

Skipping over QC 205 and QC 236 (see big links below), this is Rue de la Gare SB near Léry, with a couple of glances back north. The new Gare overpass is going up just west of the slightly diverted current road, while A-30 is laid in underneath at grade level.

Ch. de la Haute-Rivière, looking west at and from the new overpass.

Former Ch. de la Haute-Rivière was temporarily used for construction access and the field office, but has now disappeared under grading for the completed highway. The last photo shows the path of the old road in the foreground, and barely visible in the background is the A-30 crossing of Rivière Châteauguay.

Ch. de la Haute-Rivière NB at the future A-30 EB onramp.

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QC 205 and A-30 construction
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