Prince Edward Island Roads - TCH 1

Trans-Canada Highway 1

Your view of the island on the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick. Even out the rear window, the red soil is very much apparent.

Going back the other way (a.k.a. the way I went), passing the Borden-Carleton Lighthouse at the foot of the bridge up to the high clearance over Northumberland Strait. There are definitely less interesting bridge designs that could have been chosen, though there is no flagship span.

EB and WB at Route 225 west of Charlottetown. It's obvious that the sun was settting at the time (strong western lighting).

About the only sign failure I encountered on the island, where TCH 1 turns on a new route around the capital city (though it is also signed going straight). The clear failure is getting the directions beneath the proper shields. I also don't see how it helps to provide bilingual directions but a monolingual instruction.

At the other end of Charlottetown, courtesy Steve Anderson, proving that any province will fit into the TCH shield. I wonder if they can be customized for gifts?

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