Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 6

Route 6

All but one photo was taken westbound. However, for my own convenience, photos progress eastward.

From Stanley Bridge at Route 254 to Route 104. Because each small named crossroads town is located on only one or two routes, and because PEI tends to sign the farthest destination at any turn, it's easy to locate the other signs as Routes 238 and 233. Those two are typical, the first sign with the shield is one I've only seen associated with Route 6 and only in one other case (on Route 2), and the last sign is clearly wrong. Fortunately, it's the only one of its kind I saw, so I can't imagine where it came from.

In Cavendish, with the sign pointing down Graham's Lane. This is another unique sign, the only case I saw of a smaller second line beneath the first.

From Rustico Bay at the mouth of Hunter River to Harbour View Drive, which leads to Gulf Shore Parkway. That's the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which really surrounds the entire island, but the southern side gets away with calling itself Northumberland Strait.

From Routes 221 to 223, but the middle photo is on Route 15, not 222, as 6 joins and then turns back away from it.

WB at and looking north along Gulf Shore Pkwy. Remember that name? Same highway, different road. Huh? There are two pieces of the Parkway - Harbour View Drive led to the east end of the western half, and this is the east end of the eastern half. There's a gap of parkland and inlet that will never be bridged (no reason to), so it will remain this way. It's not numbered as a state highway, but given the second sign is no longer on Route 6, I wouldn't swear that the Parkway isn't provincially maintained.

The first photo is the only EB one, taken out of the window facing backward. This is at the dirt Route 229. Signing one or two destinations depends on which direction you're coming from and whether there was a better road to get there - such is the case with Tracadie Cross, where WB traffic is coming from Route 2 and would have just stayed there.

Here's my convenience - the only nonstandard route shield I found on the island. After doing some research, PEI never used this style, which in Canada has only ever been used in NB and NS. Someone clearly brought this over from one of those connected provinces. If you're ever on the island, it's actually not too hard to spot, just west of the east end.

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