Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 4

Route 4

The starfish designates the Points East Coastal Drive. Because much of my first day's drive hugged the coast to visit various lighthouses, I saw a good many starfish by the end of the day. Among seafood, PEI is known for lobster much more than starfish, so I question the choice of logo. Or hey, it's PEI, throw a potato on there.

Nova Scotia brushes the horizon at the beginning of Route 348. It's the proximity at this location that got the Confederation Bridge built. Route 4 soon turns northward as well, which is good because it's signed that way, and Route 348 then turns east and crosses Route 4 at a jogged intersection as seen in the second photo. A slight niggle, but the arrow for Route 4 should not have a black outline. I don't know where that came from - there's only one type of route on this island.

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