Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 347

Route 347

Rather than following Route 17, for some reason the main route of the Points East Coastal Drive comes up Route 347 to the next intersection (Riley's Rd.) and turns back west to 17 again. Straight ahead in the first (NB) photo is the spur up Route 347. The second photo is SB at Riley's Rd, where every leg of the intersection is the trail. Just like the many legs of a starfish. That must be why the trail uses that logo.

A little bit farther south at Route 17.

Looking south from Panmure Island at Cape Sharp. Route 347 runs along the strand of beach to the right.

The reason there's a state highway here is the Panmure Island lighthouse. Actually, it would probably be a state highway anyway due to the community to the west, but the geography dictated the need for a lighthouse well before a provincial highway system was imagined, and probably led to the establishment of the town now served by Route 347.

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