Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 2

Route 2

Just like the LGS strewn across the island, there are some little blue signs at town lines, and sure enough, some of them are also old and less reflective. This one is WB.

WB from Routes 106 to 12, past a minor wind farm and a very upside-down sign approaching Granville St. to Summerside. I guess as a concession to putting the French language on the bottom, they get the red light closer.

Loyalist Road is just as likely to be a town as a road. In this case, Loyalist is a town, and Route 256 is Loyalist Road, and Route 2 is eastbound.

WB in Milton, where Route 7 goes to the right (so the right two signs should have arrows, even though they're over the turning lane). This is the closest the island gets to highway signage, which makes sense because there are no highways. And there are no traffic problems. Drink that concept in.

EB into Charlottetown, past TCH 1 (which you can barely see) to Euston St. in downtown. At TCH 1, both straight ahead and left are signed to Charlottetown - one is a bypass that winds around the outskirts of the city and comes out at the Hillsborough Bridge (TCH 1 to the east), while straight is the classic route straight through downtown.

Apologies for the blurriness, but there's a clearer sign on the Route 6 page that looks much the same. For some reason, the beginning of Route 6 is signed on an LGS instead of a separate shield assembly (which would be typical). I've only seen this twice on the island, and both times were for Route 6, and based on what else I've seen on Route 6, I'd have to say it's just a really special route.

EB near and in the town of Mouse. No, really, it's Souris, which is French for mouse, and this is one of the bilingual provinces with a large Acadian region. It's no worse than Boca Raton. At some point in Souris, Route 2 mysteriously turns into Route 16, possibly at the ferry to Québec's Îles de la Madeleine. The second photo is the Souris Lighthouse, of course.

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