Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 17

Route 17

NB from about the oldest shields you'll find on the island (at least in the modern style) to Route 347. The church is in Murray Harbour North.

One SB photo sneaks onto the page at Route 324.

NB at Pembroke Rd. and the other end of Route 17A. 17A cuts off Murray Harbour North and Gaspereaux at the cost of missing Panmure Island (really a peninsula). 5 minutes shorter, one lighthouse poorer.

NB at Routes 317 and 316. Secondary (3-digit) routes are grouped by the hundreds digit across the island, and as is the case here, many times there is a pattern to them. Other numbers cut across and between the pattern (but always obeying the first digit rule), making it rarer to encounter consecutively numbered routes.

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