Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 142

Route 142

All photos taken EB.

Starting from Route 14 and the West Cape, clearly the windiest region on the island from the dozens upon dozens of scattered windmills covering the hills and smothering the skyline. (If it seems like I have hash browns on my mind, scattered, covered, and smothered, keep in mind this is the potato province.) That would make this the windiest road on the island. I'm done.

Locke Rd. might be the name of a road, but it's definitely the name of the community. A lot of communities are named "Road" on the island, probably because the population is too sparse to generate momentum for a name change (or just a name in the first place).

The potato museum in O'Leary bills itself as the only one in the world, and also claims this, the world's largest (non-biological) potato at 14 feet tall. Who would doubt them? If you've ever wondered what there is to see or do on this little butterfly in the bay (okay, gulf, but "bay" is alliterative), your answer must include the word "potato" or "soil" to be accurate. You can learn how many varieties of potato are grown on the island (including Idaho, which you'd think would be grown in Idaho), how they are farmed, and how they can be used for products from fries to chips and the many, many products in between. You will learn that PEI produces fully 1/3 of the entire Canadian potato consumption. Sorry, I didn't pay the admission to find out if Tater Tots are included, but if Napoleon Dynamite does not have an exhibit in the world's only potato museum, then it can't be worth it.

Route 142 bids hello and farewell to Route 148.

Up to the end at Route 12, and the first of these blade signs I saw on the island. Given that I saw a grand total of four, I assume these are very rare and likely the older style replaced by the little green signs. Given that the older LGS are all non-reflective (as are these, of course), that makes the blades probably 35-50 years old.

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