Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 14

Route 14

All photos are southbound.

Starting from the top of the western island, with the first photo on Route 182 SB where it ends at Route 14. Nail Pond was not as painful as it sounds.

I skipped these two photos in the Seal Point-Cape Wolfe area. Anywhere with shoreline exposure, which is almost anywhere on PEI, there are windmills, even to the incredible numbers seen here. The island derives 18% of its power from wind and purchases much of the rest from other provinces. The city of Summerside is experimenting with running its own wind farm and becoming self-sustaining (at least overnight), which could lead to even broader implementation until the entire province is a whirling dervish of spiked seagulls. There are no ridgelines on the island, so windmill farms are broadly spread across fields instead of neatly arranged in rows. It makes for quite a stunning presentation - especially if you have a phobia of large whirling tri-blades.

Continuing from Cape Wolfe to West Cape. I was in photographic heaven by this point and I hadn't even made my next turn onto Route 142 (see link below, unless you hate windmills, in which case why are you here?). The surprise is that you have people living mere feet from a 30-meter-plus machine that could be spinning at any time of day or night. If anything comes loose, it's falling on that house. If something flies into the windmill, the steaks fall onto your cutting board.

Hidden among all the windmill photos is the old LGS for the Route 142 turn. Take it via the link below.

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