Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 132

Route 132

All photos are SB. Actually, directionality is not really signed on this route, so it could be WB. It runs between two east-west roads (Routes 2 and 11), but then ends at a north-south road (Route 12). 2, 11, and 12 are all parallel, too.

SB at Routes 167 and 178.

A PEI-specific sign, thankfully captured on this road so that I can make a page out of it. The problem with trying to represent all trail users is that at a distance, this sign looks like a lot of smudgy lines and a big streak up the middle. Up close, the reverse bicyclist blends in and not only disappears, but interferes with the driver trying to read the sign because he keeps catching your attention with his ghostly ways. The sign could do without the grass and snow, which look the same and nothing like either substance.

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