Prince Edward Island Roads - Route 11

Route 11

All photos are eastbound.

Churches in Victoria West and Mont-Carmel (there are quite a myriad of names on the island) sandwich a sign at Route 128, which heads left while Route 11 heads right. Due to the butterfly shape of the island (or a half-eaten sausage, whatever you like), cardinal directions are often treated as a convenience with little basis in reality. The first half of Route 11 is spent zigzagging east and west, making its way south, but signed east the entire time. Two parallel routes may be signed with different cardinal directions, and Route 18 is signed east-west despite half of it being folded back on itself west-east. In the case of this caption, the Victoria West church was photographed facing west by southwest on a road signed East.

EB from the east end of Route 165 past the end of Route 12 (in the fourth photo). Route 165 is a shortcut for the Cape Egmont section of Route 11 as long as you're not scared of a dirt road. Any PEI native would have no trouble with it.

The Summerside Rotary Library looks suspiciously like a train station, and behind it there's a long, narrow strip of undeveloped right of way that resembles a railroad without tracks. Put two and two together (sorry, that's math, not reading) and you realize that there was a railroad across the island once. If Charlottetown is the only city on the island, then Summerside is the only other city. In fact, neither of them is very populous, but they're the only two cities above population 10,000 (and Summerside only got there ten years ago or so).

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