Prince Edward Island Roads

Prince Edward Island

The photos below are all little green signs (LGS), which is the only way to navigate the island. Route numbers are generally signed where applicable, but there's little difference between a dirt road and a dirt route out in the countryside. LGS are found at practically any intersection involving a state highway and a through road. Given the sheer number of them throughout the island, almost all unique (it's rare to have one route intersect two roads going to the same town, because most towns are just a crossroads), it's inevitable that some of them will be newer than others. There are plenty of signs remaining with non-reflective painted green backgrounds, many of which are wooden, and those are the ones you'll see around my site. With one exception, there are no old route shields left - even the older examples of the modern design still look the same, just a little faded.

Trans-Canada Highway 1
Route 1A
Route 2
Route 4
Route 6
Route 11
Route 12
Route 14
Route 16
Route 17
Route 18
Route 132
Route 142
Route 310
Route 347

Hunter Rd. WB (one of many red dirt roads) in Huntley at Route 152, then turning north on 152 to the Route 154 junction. Although little green signs are almost exclusively used to sign town names, this one is definitely signing Hardy Road as a road. (Many towns are confusingly named Road just to keep you on your toes. Or something like South West Lot 16.)

Route 3 EB near the eastern end of the island.

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