Pennsylvania Roads - US 422 (Western)

Western US 422

What distinguishes this from its eastern partner is that this US 422 actually does enter another state. I don't think FHWA considers them the same route, and PennDOT certainly doesn't, but there's a certain amount of handwaving that goes into keeping them both the same number. With 622 easily available for the second 422, there's no reason why this one can't stand alone. (622 was originally assigned to a piece of 522, but hasn't otherwise been used.)

EB at the beginning of the New Castle bypass, which US 422 EB partially shared with PA 60 SB (now I-376, which I'll get to at the other end of the bypass photos). The date belongs to the 1-mile advance that is less than a mile from the exit. From the look of the sign, what looks like a "1" was added quite a bit later and isn't a digit at all, just a straight piece of button copy. Without that extraneous mark, the sign's accurate.

All of the eastbound button copy I was able to get from the westbound side. The "New Castle" signs (for the Business route) used to say US 224 WEST from when that route extended all the way through town, and I bet the original wording on the advance signs was "US 224 WEST / New Castle / US 422 EAST / Butler". That's one of the perks of button copy - the ability to edit.

Now WB, entering the bypass in the first photo (again, the original left BGS said "US 224", and now you can see that). The BGS's in the third photo copy the original wording instead of taking advantage of the wonderful innovation known as route shields, and also attempt to use the same centered exit tabs that went out of style years ago. Then the PA 168 sign got uppity and tried to correct the error, forgetting that when the exit tab is moved to the right location, the border has to go with it.

The rest of the WB signage from 2008, up until US 422 leaves PA 60 and the divided highway ends. You don't need "Toll Road" if the TOLL is right there in the shield. Why not add a second destination instead?

Well, in 2010, Pennsylvania got approval to extend I-376 all the way up PA 60 to I-80, and PA 60 pulled a disappearing act from all of the signs and assemblies. In its place came a rash of bubble shields.

Error on PA 528 NB.

Some more WB photos. It seems that whenever PennDOT has a freeway-to-freeway interchange (at least a cloverleaf), any road without exit numbering automatically gets A and B. US 422 is the first road I've been on that goes through them twice. It's also the only road in PA to go to the town of New.

US 422 Business in New Castle, original US 422
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