Pennsylvania Roads - US 322 - W. of Harrisburg

west of Harrisburg

Old stone border marker at Ohio, courtesy Doug Kerr.

WB from Clarion over the Clarion River to Jamestown. Some ugly shields get in the way, including the one atop the page. The railroad overpass on the far side of Jamestown is where PA 58 WB splits from US 322.

Skipping Brookville and PA 28 (see big link at bottom), WB from the end of the US 220/I-99 concurrency. US 322 is the 28th Division Highway.

Business US 322 (the old road) EB entering State College.

US 322 WB at future I-99 (hence the room on the signs), courtesy Scott Colbert.

Here's how it looks in 2009 now that I-99 is open, with I-99 patched onto the sign with a green background.

EB and WB button copy on the short freeway east of State College.

The freeway west from Lewistown (where US 22 leaves) ends here near Potter's Mills. There's not too long of a gap before the State College segment begins, so this will be filled in within my lifetime, I'm sure.

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