Pennsylvania Roads - US 322 - E. of Harrisburg

US 322 east of Harrisburg

WB from Downingtown to Hershey, the land of ugly shields. In between we have errors, a keystone, misuse of Clearview font (does not belong in shields), and more small Hershey plates than you can fit in your trunk. PennDOT-paid advertising for the town and the candy company.

US 322 WB nearing Downingtown, simultaneously under a railroad viaduct and over East Branch Brandywine Creek.

Across Gibson (Gibson's?) (Harmony Hill?) Bridge, crossing East Branch Brandywine Creek on Harmony Hill Rd. out of East Bradford. Because it's so close to US 322, it was made westbound-only (EB would have worked just as well, in theory).

Business US 322 WB west of West Chester (a lot of wests, yes) at PA 162.

EB on Business US 322 where the West Chester Bypass ends.

Chichester Ave. SB crossing under Conchester Highway (US 322) in Larkin's Corner, then using old 322 (Bethel Ave.) to get onto the highway. How much does one real arrow really cost?

Just west of there, we go from old to error. Once again, the connection is made via the old road.

Conchester Hwy. WB up to the old PA 261 overpass.

WB on the short US 322 expressway, between the Commodore Barry Bridge to NJ and I-95. The signage has the wrong background green, terribly non-reflective lettering, and not quite the right font. It's DRPA [Delaware River Port Authority], like one associated with NJ 90.

The I-95 NB and SB ramps merge together, and oh, the NB ramp is also US 322 EB. But shhh, don't tell them what's missing here. If it's not a merge sign, maybe it's a create-your-own-traffic-hazard!

The short freeway from I-95 to the Delaware River has gotten more interesting with work to create a new EB exit/WB entrance for access to Chester and US 13. Formerly, there was no way off the highway until New Jersey. Let's see if this changes Chester for the better. First photo is EB, and the last two are WB, showing what are now new auxiliary lanes.

Eastbound exiting PA, with the same button-copy seen on routes such as US 30's Ben Franklin Bridge. From enough of a distance, the truss looks beautiful instead of utilitarian. The 2nd photo shows the relatively new exit to PA 291. Between the 4th and 5th photos, you see that the original variable speed limit signs have been replaced. You can see the same is true for the overhead signals in the 3rd photo, which appear to have been set up for 6 narrow lanes consistent with other Delaware River crossings under DRPA control.

Into the truss. Here you can see all six pairs of lights across the light bar.

Same note WB and an ugly sign.

Click to drive eastward to NJ in the first video and then back into Pennsylvania in the second.

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