Pennsylvania Roads - US 30

WB in the vicinity of I-83 (obviously), where for some reason Business I-83 ends at PA 181. I assume it's meant to turn right on US 30 and end at the I-83 interchange, though there is no signage to that effect. 181-Bus. 83 were the original N-S road through the area.

US 30 west of Bedford
~ I-279 and US 30/I-279/US 22
~ I-376 and US 30/I-376/US 22

US 30 from Bedford to York

US 30 east of York

~ PA 462, former US 30
~ Business US 30

So THAT'S where it is! I thought I was already there, being in York and all. Taken eastbound.

Into New Jersey on US 30
Into Ohio on US 30
To I-83
Onto PA 181
US 30 on Steve Anderson's
US 30 on Jeff Kitsko's
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